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cezeta dealers wanted

It is clear that electric vehicles (EVs) have a big part to play in future transport needs as people move from combustion engine power to better forms of transport. A recent study by the University of Florida noted that EV sales are most likely to grow by 20% per year, with California expected to lead the market with annual sales of 186,000 electric vehicles by 2023. Similar projections exist for other developed countries.

Why is the market growing so quick? The advantages of EVs are many – they are energy efficient (convert up to 62% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels compared to gasoline vehicles that only convert up to 21% of the energy stored in gasoline to power), environmentally friendly (no tailpipe pollutants and electricity from nuclear-, hydro-, solar-, or wind-powered plants causes no air pollutants), reduce oil consumption, and potentially save drivers' money in the long term. Governments recognise the significance of these factors and are advocating policies and incentives to encourage uptake of EVs.

We believe that now is the ideal time for new companies to enter the EV market, and are building the Čezeta brand with this intention in mind. We can already offer the products and services to supply the EV market, and now we are seeking a network of sales partners in order to supply customers.

What we want

We are seeking companies or individuals that have an interest in EV technologies to develop Čezeta authorised dealerships. We expect some knowledge of EV technologies and experience in running a commercial business. Local language skills are essential for each territory as well as start-up capital of minimum €25.000,- in funding for building stock and marketing activities. Additional funds for premises and staff are optional depending on your existing situation.

Finally, you must be competant in English - all company communication is in English, but if you're reading this then you know that!

What we offer

We offer to supply a range of high-quality engineered electric bicycles, scooters and motorbikes made in the Czech Republic and aimed at a range of customers' budgets:

- the Type 506 high-powered scooter, with superior performance and a chic retro look. Expected to retail for €9900 as a niche product for customers looking for a unique luxury EV. Design is already patented.

Our plan is to have all these products available to supply in mid-2016.

Technical training and spare parts will be available for 36 months after sale. English manuals will be supplied with all EVs.

We envisage business partners offering other products and services in addition to vehicle sales. Significant high-margin profit is expected from EV training and consulting, EV parts sales, accessories, Čezeta merchandising and EV servicing.

We will provide full support for marketing and merchandising and grant dealers exclusive rights to their territory to help achieve their sales target. We plan to increase production significantly in the medium-term, offering growth in line with the projected annual 20% market increase.

Interested in becoming a Čezeta dealer?

We are currently developing a full information package for potential partners, including financial projections, marketing materials, and legal terms of co-operation. If you would like to receive this information when it becomes available, then please contact us with some details about yourself and we will get back in touch when our information packs are ready.